Friday, September 12, 2008

The Elk in Elk Grove Village

The Elk in Elk Grove Village

Photographed in August, 2008

One elk enjoyed following a dog on a walk along the fence.

We stopped at the elk pasture / sanctuary on the Busse Woods bicycle path in the woods so I could take pictures.

As my husband leaned on his bike we heard what sounded like a loud gunshot!

This happened just as someone passed us, so I started checking for exit wounds.

The elk pretty much ignored it. One stood up, the others continued their afternoon naps.

Yep, my husband's bicycle tire suffered a blowout. (See photo below)

A kind bicycist told us about the bike shop (Village Cycle Sport) about two blocks away.
I think the tire was changed in about 7 minutes.
Those guys are great!

We returned to the bike shop later with my mountain bike and had low resistance, higher air pressure tires put on it. Wow! What a difference it made. I can coast now!

If you ride a mountain bike I really recommend these tires!

They also made some adjustments on the brakes.
They weren't this good when the bike was brand new.

That tire blowout turned out to be a blessing for me.
I love the bike improvements they made for me.

Elk Grove Baptist Church Summer Event

Elk Grove Baptist Church hosted a fun summer event.

However, I arrived at the picnic too early and had to leave before it got started.
I was disappointed that I couldn't stay for the entire event.
Here are some pictures I took while I was there.

On Sunday August 24, 2008 church services were held outside under the tent.
The bicyclists could probably hear our singing from the bike path.

You're welcome to visit the Elk Grove Baptist Church's website at:

801 Beisner Road
Elk Grove Village, Il 60007

Click here for a Google Map of this location.