Friday, September 12, 2008

The Elk in Elk Grove Village

The Elk in Elk Grove Village

Photographed in August, 2008

One elk enjoyed following a dog on a walk along the fence.

We stopped at the elk pasture / sanctuary on the Busse Woods bicycle path in the woods so I could take pictures.

As my husband leaned on his bike we heard what sounded like a loud gunshot!

This happened just as someone passed us, so I started checking for exit wounds.

The elk pretty much ignored it. One stood up, the others continued their afternoon naps.

Yep, my husband's bicycle tire suffered a blowout. (See photo below)

A kind bicycist told us about the bike shop (Village Cycle Sport) about two blocks away.
I think the tire was changed in about 7 minutes.
Those guys are great!

We returned to the bike shop later with my mountain bike and had low resistance, higher air pressure tires put on it. Wow! What a difference it made. I can coast now!

If you ride a mountain bike I really recommend these tires!

They also made some adjustments on the brakes.
They weren't this good when the bike was brand new.

That tire blowout turned out to be a blessing for me.
I love the bike improvements they made for me.

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